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Stopping by Woods copyright Simon Plum

We'd like to congratulate Simon Plum as he'll be exhibiting a piece with the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2023 at Mall Galleries in London. He has previously been shortlisted for the Lynn Painter Stainer Prize 2019 and selected for numerous prestigious national exhibitions.

Based in the North-West Simon Plum has exhibited nationally with solo and group exhibitions. With previous exhibitions in the Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London (winning the Regional North of England Prize), Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize, Lytham Heritage Centre, Corte-Real Gallery, Portugal.
His paintings and etchings reveal surreal and darkly humorous narratives, where he explores the anxieties and absurdities of modern life. Animals and people are seen acting out increasingly strange and unlikely scenarios, such as chasing each other endlessly around the kitchen table; haplessly following each other in vintage cars in the middle of no-where; disappearing through secret doorways or clambering over rooftops.
Simon sees his work as partly biographical, evoking past memories and events, then transposing them into something new; an on-going series of visual narratives that drift between comedy and tragedy, reality and fantasy, the past and the present.

Simon has exhibited with us for several years. A superb painter and one of the best body of sketchbooks one can see; revealing an inquiring and darkly humorous mind.

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