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Fox, Wake Up! by Ama Menec

Bronze, 29 x 11 x 7cm - Cast and finished by Castle Fine Art Foundry


With a BA (Hons) in Applied Arts, University of Derby, West Country based artist Ama Menec is best known for her works in bronze, depicting wildlife and historical subjects. Pieces celebrate the successful reintroductions of species such as the Red Kite, and naturally recovering Buzzard, and mammals still threatened by human persecution. Ama is a passionate supporter of rewilding and can usually be found working on a wildlife project or several!

Ama tries to express something unique in the animal sculptures she creates which sets them apart from other species, often drawing focus on unusual rarely seen poses. Her sculptures are stylistically inspired by etchings, woodblock prints, early 20th century illustration and Art Deco stone carving. Early childhood influences were the Natural History, Archaeology and Anthropology museums of Cambridge. She works both from life and from photographs, with her bronzes cast and finished at Castle Fine Art Foundry in Wales.

'Fox, Wake Up!' is stunning in the flesh and beautiful to touch and hold!

Ama's works reflect a 35 year fascination with our early pre-history and of later Archaic Greek stone sculpture and also her time teaching Lesbian Herstory which included Regency legend Anne Lister.


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