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Yew Arching Over the Path to Errwood Hall copyright Lindsey Hambleton Oil on wood panel 61

Lindsey Hambleton studied both Art and Environmental Science at at both the Manchester Metropolitan University and  the University of Manchester.

A known colourist; Lindsey has exhibited extensively for over 20 years throughout the UK; with representation at the  Battersea Art Fair for the last 12 years. Lindsey will be exhibiting with us in our March exhibition Natural Order (09.03.24 - 07.03.24). 

Working mainly in oils on wood panel; Lindsey's paintings are inspired by well known places, sometimes recognisably depicted, sometimes abstracted, and always effusing a magical quality indicative of the artist’s enthusiasm for her subject. The personal response to the landscape focusses on essential elements and remembered forms, with strong structural elements often framed by trees, and balanced by light and open space. The viewer is often drawn into the composition through the perspective of track or river, perhaps imagining what lies beyond the painting. The heightened colour palette, vigorous brushwork and bold compositional shapes are an emotive response to landscape, creating works that are confident and full of energy.

Paintings are so very often as much about paint itself as they are about subject or source; a reality not universally understood. It can speak as eloquently as word or melody when exploited with intelligence and dexterity. Hambleton has this understanding in her very DNA.
John Fineran

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