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Tim Copsey describes his work as; "Beautifully ugly space debris" Peak District based artist making wood-fired pots that inhabit the border between function and sculpture.

A prolific potter Tim Copsey's work is directly influenced by the Peak District Pennine landscape. Tim creates predominantly wood fired vessels with glazes that are build up over multiple firings (sometimes seven or eight firings per piece), often times culminating in electric kiln firings for lustre glazes. He adapts clays, slips and glazes with locally found materials, impressing shells into the clay to create beautiful surfaces; the wood-firing process further developing the organic and elemental nature of the work. 

Tim finds deep inspiration in Japanese techniques and forms, Prehistoric ceramic forms and Situationist Art. Founder of Empty; a studio open to potters and film makers in the Peak District. Tim Copsey is also a film maker collaborating with creative organisations in UK.

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