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Blackbirds with Crab Apples copyright Brin Edwards

Brin Edwards SWLA

After studying Biology and Ecology at University Brin Edwards spent the next twenty years as a freelance illustrator producing work for many UK publishers and charities including the National Trust, RSPB and The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. He is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and exhibits throughout the UK; exhibiting annually with the SWLA at The Mall Galleries, London.

Brin Edwards has also been involved in many residencies over the years including; Artists for Nature Foundation – Bringing the Dead Sea to Life, Wallasea Island Wild Coast Project SWLA Artists Residencies, and in the SWLA Waddensea residency in Denmark.

His subject matter is predominantly painting birds in oils with a loose abstracted style; often painting birds from memory having spent a life time observing them; "I'm trying to make bold statements and capture the essence of the birds".

"The ideas for my pictures relate to direct observation and often a spit-second glimpse of a bird will set in motion an idea for a composition. Sometimes an image will arrive, fully formed in my head and will demand urgently to be resolved but often ideas will rattle around for some time before I commit them to canvas".

Brin Edwards was also commissioned by the Society of Wildlife Artists in 2021 to produce and present an 'Robert Gillmor SWLA Outstanding Contribution to Art and Nature Award', an immense honour and acknowledgement of Brin's career as an artist closely associated with nature and conservation. Robert Gillmor co-founded the hugely respected SWLA in the 1950's with the aim of seeking to generate an appreciation of and delight in the natural world through art. The SWLA have a long history of partnerships with local communities and conservation organisations championing the importance of habitats, plants and wildlife through on-site art projects and bursaries.

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