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From the Old Studio copyright Anne Aspinall MAFA.jpg

Anne Aspinall's work can be found throughout the UK and abroad, and is represented in collections in Europe, the USA and Australia. 

A colourist; Anne Aspinall is known for her paintings of North Wales and the British coastline. Anne's work has continued to increase in significance and she is acknowledged as one of the best North West painters living today; for decades producing stunning landscapes earning steadily increasing prices and an dedicated following.

Having personally spent time with Anne traversing North Wales with it's beautiful coastlines, I've experienced first hand Anne’s observant and incredibly informed eye. er knowledge of the vernacular architecture of North Wales (seeded as a young child visiting the area) and deep knowledge of the locations lighting conditions give rise to stunning landscapes, born of observation and a life long passion for North Wales.

Influences include William Gillies and Barbara Rae, as well as, the Catterline landscapes of Joan Eardley.

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